A4H(tm) is currently a Not-For-Profit Organization working on becoming an official Non-Profit Corporation in 2012.  Obtaining the 501c3 Tax Status is long and tedious.  "Arts4Humanity" has been developed by working musicians, entertainment industry professionals, educators and philanthropists all who share the belief that by helping others we help ourselves.  Our main goal is to produce events and products (CD's, DVD's and more) that provide entertainment, raise awareness and funds for legitamate humanitarian/charitable organizations and needs AND help promote the Artists, Venues, Sponsors, Songwriters and Musicians involved with productions. 

Unlike other "benefits" where entertainers are usually asked & are more than happy to give of their time/talents, A4H events/productions are based on a simple principle; "No Deal Is A Good Deal Unless ALL Involved Benefit."  My Dad (a rags to riches to rags to suicide) told me this when I started my first biz.  Everything A4H does is designed to do just that.  In our thinking at least, the fact that a worthy cause is being served shouldn't preclude the venue, organizers and performers from deriving some benefits from it as well.  Exploiting in the name of charity for profit certainly is unethical and some say we're walking a thin line.  This is not how we feel.
A4H is not FINANCIALLY profit motivated in any sense. That said, if someone works long hard hours putting together multiple productions/products that raise thousands for charity while providing entertainment, shouldn't they be compensated?  This is why people who work full time for non-profit's get paid - they have to eat and have a roof themselves.  "For The Benefit Of ALL Involved."

-> Every A4H event/production is designed to raise awareness & funds for a specific local and/or national humanitarian or charitable cause, from local tragedies to well established Non-Profit Organizations.  Part of the plan is that hopefully annual events are launched for an ever expanding array of worthy, reputable causes with excellent events.  The website will have a page and message board where members & guests can discuss, recommend and perhaps vote on what cause should be served next.  This ensures that members & guests can help out those that are the most important to them personally (& hopefully REALLY motivate them to be active in A4H and relative productions).

Most live A4H events include a "Featured Performer" or "Artist Showcase."  When possible travel, food and lodging expenses are covered for all performers and event contributors.  Members may also submit their own audio & video productions for consideration on compilation CD's & DVD's, the A4H website "Stage" and Podcasts which will feature a different member every 1 or 2 weeks.  Performing live is not the only way A4H is designed to promote!

- We've been (and will continue to be) discovering, linking to & buying resources that we first carefully research then believe to be safe useful tools for A4H members, such as recording/music/art/creativity/biz related; software, e-books, tips & advice from industry professionals, the latest products & services etc., most will be available for members to download for free or by a small donation to any of the causes A4H has or will be working with. 

strings@arts4humanity.org is our newsletter which only is sent when productions are being planned (add to your safe list if you want to be sure and get it from the start) You won't get many issues (unless things explode on us!) and can be removed from the list easily.

jguy@arts4humanity is my personal email for all things A4H. My phone # is:

Best Wishes In All Your Creativity!

Jeff Hayford
A4H Founder & Managing Director

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