About Us:  A4H “Arts4Humanity”

"For The Benefit Of All Involved"

An old New England expression helps describe a unique humanitarian not-for-profit organization. Years ago, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a semi-retired self-made millionaire was asked his advise by a young man about to venture into a similar line of work. He thought it over for a bit then said “the best advise I can give you is the best that I was given and it has helped guide me through life in business and at home. I'll never forget this simple saying; “no deal is a good unless everyone involved benefits from it.”

Exactly who deserves credit for first saying this may not be known, however the simple truth of it is inherit in nearly everything. It's been the motto and a corner stone of A4H from the start, as it describes our methods and motivation. Then the more it was thought about and mentioned, the more we realized how much more than a catch phrase it is. It's like when you get a different car. You don't remember ever seeing the make and model much before but once you start driving one they're everywhere! Given some thought and vision, this bit of wisdom can be found in the foundations of; religions, cultures, sciences and most of all in our daily lives. Hopefully when you got the different car you got it for a fair and affordable price and the seller made a fair, reasonable profit.

A4H has accepted all the deeper meanings as they've been discovered and adopted “For The Benefit Of All Involved”(TM) (Not just Mr. Kite). It is much more than a motto to us, it is our guide and in our foundation. Additionally the expression describes why A4H “Arts4Humanity” is unique. A quick example is how our “benefit” events such as concerts featuring local musicians work. Such A4H shows raise awareness and hopefully funds for legitimate humanitarian organizations like other benefits or fund raisers do. What sets A4H events apart is that they are designed to “benefit all involved” and performers are compensated in several ways including financially.

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Arts4Humanity Not-For-Profit Organization 

By professionally recording both audio and video of all A4H events it becomes possible for us to help promote; performers, venues, sponsors, "all involved."  From audio recordings we will be producing Compilation CD's featuring the best performances from several shows or a complete DVD of individual shows.  This media is made available at no cost to the performers allowing them to improve their websites (free ones are available for A4H Members), press kits, YouTube videos and other Social Networking.

Plans are in progress towards an A4H Internet TV Station, Radio Station and weekly Podcasts.  All featuring A4H Members.  It's free to join and is our way of keeping up with everyone involved.

A4H Events Include: Songwriter Nights, Tributes, Open Mics, Featured Performers and at time some Heavy Hitters in the Songwriting World.  A different humanitarian/charitable or reputable "worthy" cause is featured at each event.  The majority of proceeds from all income streams; donations, promo item sales, tickets etc. go directly to the designated organization.  We're not just trying to raise money - we're hoping to raise awareness of plights and misery that most of us have been unaware of.

If you're into Creativity & Helping Those In Need - please Join Us!  Email: jguy@arts4humanity.org with "Join" as the subject.  Under no circumstances will A4H ever sell, share or give away any submitted information and you may opt out at any time.

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