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Another Free Opportunity To Promote Your Creativity! At A4H we believe, as the great late Buddy Ebson said that "a day without creating is a day wasted." What a time to be alive & filled with creative energy.

A4H is A Not-For-Profit organization at this time.  Currently, we're working on becoming an official 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, it takes time but we'll get there. We are Dedicated to promoting creativity, arts and artists while also raising awareness and funds for humanitarian needs and causes. We try and utilize every opportunity available to extend our reach and increase exposure for artists associated with us (A4H Members). Membership is how we manage our connections and free.  Under no circumstances will A4H sell, give away or in any way distribute information submitted to us.  Below is one way of becoming a member.  You can also join by simply writing: New A4H Membership & emailing it to: jguy@arts4humanity.org

We came across Yola and just had to love it! Free website design tools and hosting perfect for artists! Why didn't we think of that :) Well, we're just getting started out with the interface and we will share our experience in our "Strings" newsletter and on our home site! Peace - Be home early and put gas in the car! 
Keep On Creatin'

Jeff (JGuy) Hayford
A4H Founder &
Managing Director

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