October, 2011 
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"Come Together / I Am The Walrus"
The Nu-Utopians © 2010 All rights reserved
Several More Great Videos Available: Click Here To Visit The Official Nu-Utopians YouTube Channel

What An Awesome Project! Our Hat's Are Off To All These Remarkable Talents Paying Tribute To John Lennon!

7/20/2011 - Rex Fowler and Tom Dean's "Imagined" CD has won the Independent Music Awards Vox Pop Poll.

One of the most unique and compelling interpretations of the late John Lennon’s compositions comes from The Nu-Utopians (formerly The John Lennon Song Project), a 7-piece ensemble created and led by Rex Fowler of Aztec Two-Step and Tom Dean of Devonsquare. Together they have produced a thoughtfully re-imagined tribute that celebrates the genius and artistry of the icon’s music.  

Simon Crawford 
"The Gulf's Lament"
© 2011 Simon J. Crawford All Rights Reserved

  Beautiful Guitar Work by one of A4H's Favorite Guitarists

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